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Security Lighting Installation

External security lighting is known to be the most cost effective protection against burglars as a deterrent, stopping a thief that has been exposed in their tracks to opt to an easier target instead.

A strategically placed security lighting system is a fantastic and cost effective way to deter unwanted intruders.

Not only can they be useful to light the way in dimly lit areas, the real benefit is peace of mind as they work wonders for crime prevention.

Security lights come with built in PIR (Passive Infra-Red) motion sensors, and if movement is detected, the fitting illuminates. They can also be set on a duration timer, for how long you want them to come on for, or a timeclock – what times you’d like the motion sensor to operate between.

Some insurance companies even are likely to lower premiums knowing security measures have been taken, and it’s less likely there will be a claim on the policy.

So if you’ve had a light fitted recently, phone up your insurance to let them know what they can do for you.

LED security lighting is the new go-to for your needs. Along with being extremely bright, they are also very cost efficient, durable and their life span is multiplied greatly in comparison to traditional lamps. Your security lighting costs could be reduced by 90% by using an LED system if you don’t already have one.

Whether you’re looking for a new system, a replacement system, or would just like some advice to suit your budget and needs – we’re here to help.

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