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What is LED Lighting?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.
They are small semiconductors and are incredibly efficient, which is why they are much cooler during operation compared to traditional lamps.
LED lighting has seen a huge increase in popularity lately, due to the cost and environmental saving factors.

Why LED Lighting?

There are numerous benefits to LED lighting, from the environment to being more cash your pocket – an article from The Telegraph showed an average saving of £240 a year for a household from switching to LED lamps!

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Efficiency – compared to standard incandescent light bulbs which lose 80% of their energy to heat, LEDs use 80% of their energy as light and only lose 20% to heat

  • Lifespan – LED lights have been shown to last up to 10 times as long as traditional light bulbs

  • Less Heat – They operate and a far reduced heat when in use, which in turn prevents heat damage to fittings used and surrounding appliances

  • Environmental – They don’t contain the harmful gases and chemicals that fluorescent and incandesent lamps require to be produced

LED Lighting for Homes and Businesses

From the first conceptual design to the final finishing touches, we specialise in all aspects of domestic and commercial lighting installation. Understanding the right ambience, taking primary space activities, cost effective materials and putting them all together to provide a complete solution for our clients needs, be it domestic or commercial premises.

Whether you’re trying to entice customers into a welcoming coffee shop, finalize the sale in a calm setting, or just trying to unwind at home, we find a solution that fits your requirements.

LED Lighting Cost Savings

Historically, higher prices of LED lamps limited their availability of practical uses. However, recently increased production has led to a reduction in the price to make them affordable to everyone, so there’s no reason you can’t start saving on your bills today!

You can change existing lamps over to LED versions (60W becomes a 6W LED) and start putting more money back into your pocket instantly.

LED strips can also be installed as feature or mood lighting and can really add an extra welcoming atmosphere to any space.
Examples include:

  • LED strips underneath kitchen units
  • LED lights up stairs
  • LED’s lighting the back of a flat-screen TV
  • Bathroom LED lighting
  • Inside cabinet LED lighting
  • Garden decking lighting
  • Office space lighting
    … the opportunities are endless…

Due to the very low heat signature the lights have, it also prevents overheating and is much safer in preventing fire risks.

LEDs save money on electricity bills and for businesses can provide stunning and practical highlighting of key areas for clients, and increased visibility in working areas.

Interested in LED Lighting?

If saving money and improving visibility, while reducing the risk of fire sounds interesting to you, then get in touch with us today.

LED Lighting Installation Edinburgh

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