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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

What is an EICR?

EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) are inspections carried out in homes and businesses to assess the condition of all electrical cabling and appliances and safety for the end user.
The naming of the certificate has been updated in the latest regulations, to replace the now outdated old Periodic Inspection Reports (PIRs) system and incorporates more information.

While we recommend EICR assessment surveys to be carried out regularly to ensure a safe environment, in some cases they are required as proof of the safety of an electrical installation – most commonly an EICR may be required are for commercial premises, rental accommodations or home sales.

While conducting an EICR, the inspector will be testing the integrity of your fuseboard, electrical outlets (such as sockets, switches and lights) and all associated cabling. Any potential hazards highlighted or faults discovered will be noted within the report.

Upon completion, a checked and signed document will be provided that details any non-compliant equipment, faults that were identified, or environment deterioration that has been uncovered as a result of the tests.

In the event of anything discovered that is a potential endangerment to life or could be a danger if left unchecked, the EICR will be able to declare the installation of unsatisfactory, and any remedial works to fix the issues are required to be carried out immediately.

When are EICR’s required?

In Scotland (requirements differ for other places in the UK), the Scottish governing body (SELECT) recommend the following time frames:

Owner occupied homes – Every 10 years OR change of occupancy

Tenanted properties – Every 5 years OR change of occupancy

Commercial Premises – Every 5 years OR change of occupancy

Industrial Premises – Every 3 years

Caravan – At least every 3 years

Taken from table in BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition:2018.

Who can perform an EICR?

Only qualified and certified electricians can carry out EICRs.

In Scotland, only SELECT or NICEIC members can be registered as electrical contractors.

Our electricians are all qualified with approved and verified Electricians cards.

How long do EICRs take?

It largely depends on the size of the premises – typically a 1-3 bedroom property could take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

For HMO properties, generally at least 3 hours and for commercial it depends on how many distribution boards and areas require testing.

Be wary of any companies completing (or claiming to) these tests in under an hour – its very likely they have not inspected the premises properly.

Does your EICR meet the requirements?

Is your EICR up to date?

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EICR Edinburgh

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